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New Fire Station that will service Jefferson Woods
Posted on Sep 9th, 2016

Demolition opens site for construction
Wednesday September 7, 2016 2:31 PM

Workers from Robertson Construction were finishing the demolition in mid-August of structures at 5 and 13 W. Columbus St. to make way for a new fire station.
Construction on the new Violet Township Fire Station 591 is well underway after the razing of two Olde Pickerington Village buildings last month.
Robertson Construction, the contractor for the project, leveled buildings at 5 and 13 W. Columbus St. to make way for the new $5.5 million fire station.
The station will replace the old station 591 at 21 Lockville Road that was built in the mid-1950s and could no longer properly house modern firefighting equipment and staffing needs.
A successful one-day sale of tax-exempt municipal bonds last December generated the $5 million in capital to jump start construction of the new building.
Violet Township Fire Chief Mike Little said the new station is scheduled to be completed by early 2018.
"We're probably talking 18 months," Little said.
The new station, at 15,000 square feet, will be three times the size of old Station 591 and no longer will Violet Fire personnel have to contend with cramped quarters, he said.
"They are going to have more room, more space for the bunk area," Little said. "They will have more kitchen space. (The new station) will easily have twice the living space."
Parking for the new facility will be on the site of the former Violet Grange building, which was razed almost a year ago.
Little said nothing was salvageable from the two Columbus Street buildings razed in August.
"Whatever could be salvaged was already (donated) to the Habitat for Humanity," he said.
Engraved bricks that were located in the plaza next to the old Carnegie Library have been moved temporarily.
"All of those have been saved and loaded on skids," Little said.
"Those will be reused and incorporated into the plaza area once construction is complete."
The original plan was for firefighters to continue to operate from old Station 591 while the new station was being built.
However, because of logistical issues related to construction of the new station, Little said the department had no choice but to relocate current Station 591 staff and equipment to temporary quarters at the Violet Township Service Center, 490 Center St. in Pickerington, for the duration of construction.
"The move will take place in the next four to six weeks," Little said.
"There is just too much going on with utilities, storm water and sewer, all the stuff that has to be done underground," he said.
"It would be too difficult to stay there and would really push back construction," Little said.
Violet Township purchased a manufactured home for $50,000 to be used as temporary living quarters for staff to live in for the next 18 months, he said.
"It is going to be a little difficult at times, but we can do it for 18 months.
"We're just moving a little bit farther north and we will utilize our mutual aid partners to help us," Little said.
He said the goal is to sell the "double-wide" after the fire station is built.
Although there is currently a gaping hole in the Olde Pickerington Village landscape with the loss of two downtown buildings, Little said the end result will be a building of which the Pickerington community can be proud.
"The city is on board, they're happy that we are staying in downtown," he said.
"The (Violet Township) trustees are on board, obviously. We're excited about getting it built and to see what it's going to bring to the downtown area."
Functionally, having a continued presence in the center of Pickerington will be worth the temporary discomforts, Little said.
"It will keep us in the southern part of the township, which is where we need to be in relationship to the response area," he said.
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